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Manitowoc Resource Library

Document Management Tool

The Manitowoc Foodservice Resource Library opens the door to quick and easy access to thousands of documents from more than 14 of our brands and places them wherever you are with your iPad. Specification sheets, operations manuals, literature, CAD symbols and more-- practically every product document associated with Manitowoc Foodservice can be located, read, followed, tagged or saved locally using this one, very handy tool. Includes a built-in pdf reader. And interactive tools that help you manage your documents more effectively for quick access and easy retrieval. Tags that you can create to help you to associate documents by project or any category of your choosing. A Follow function to keep you notified whenever a change is made to the document right in the app-- including the reason for the change. You can even save and folder documents right in the app for offline viewing. Of course documents can also be shared easily as well. Never out of date the app automatically delivers the most up to date versions of each and every asset it manages.

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Convotherm 4

Interactive Touch Doc

Anyone who has ever worked with a Convotherm combi steamer knows how our pioneering products inspire better food preparation. “Your meal. Our mission.“ is our philosophy born out of our passion and commitment to provide the best combi steamer solution that answers the varied needs of our customers.

Convotherm 4 combi steamer brings style into the professional kitchen. It is clear at first glance that this unit combines top-class technology with user-friendly, hygienic design. All unit sizes share the same logical and intuitive system of operation: a real plus in the often hectic daily life of catering. The scalable design is applied to the entire range of combi steamers, which includes seven sizes, each with four basic units in a choice of two control-panel designs. The result is a combination of functional versatility and consistent design that is revolutionary in this product category.

Convotherm 4 easyTouch® Demo
As a pioneer of full-touchscreen technology in combi steamers, Convotherm has now added a new dimension to operating convenience.
The Convotherm 4 easyTouch® brings you the latest touch controls via the 9" full-touchscreen with new configurable user interface.

Convotherm 4 easyDial™ Demo
Experience with the easyDial™ Demo the new standard in manual operation on your iPad! Thanks to the clever design of the easyDial™ controls you can quickly configure your own cooking profiles. All the functions are available in one level. You can see everything at a glance at all times - even from a distance - on the large brightly-lit digital display with the central Convotherm-Dial (C-Dial) controls. The TriColor indicator ring indicates the current operating status: yellow for “in preparation”, red for “in progress” and green for “ready”.

Convotherm 4 App overview
- All information and documents about Convotherm 4
- Convotherm 4 easyTouch® Demo
- Convotherm 4 easyDial™ Demo
- Product Configurator – Configure your combi steamer online
- Videos
- Gallery
- Download Center

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Convotherm® easyToUCH™

Interactive Touch Doc

When it comes to cooking high quality food it doesn't get any easier than Convotherm's easyToUCH™ Combi ovens. The Convotherm® easyToUCH™ app is a control panel simulator that mirrors all of the functionality found within on our actual ovens. Perfect for use as a training tool, you'll see how easy it is to program and launch recipes. In addition, all related documentation, video's (including the Convotherm easyToUCH training series), and a wealth of other information can be found within the app. Perfect for those already using easyToUCH, or even those wanting to learn more about why this system is changing the way chefs look at creating and executing their menu's.

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Manitowoc Ice Indigo Series

Interactive Touch Doc

At the heart of Indigo Series Ice Machines by Manitowoc Ice is the world’s first EasyRead™ display. Not only does the EasyRead™ keep you on top of the performance and operating health of the machine, it gives you the ability to program the machine to optimize performance and energy use. The Indigo App contains a working version of the display enabling you to see first hand the many functions available, and how they work. In addition, there are handy tools like an ice machine sizing calculator, video, gallery and a complete documents section. It’s all you need to know everything about this innovative new series of ice machines.

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eikon™ easyToUCH™

Interactive Touch Doc

The eikon™ easyToUCH™ simulator is an exact reproduction of the functionality you’ll find on a Merrychef® oven. Learn how easy it is to write, store and launch recipes – use this knowledge with your own oven! Perfect for training yourself or new staff. The app also features an oven capacity calculator to help high-volume foodservice operators understand the cooking capacity required to deliver their menu at peak times.

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Interactive Touch Doc

While Induction cooking has been around for a many years, it’s still new to many chefs and operators alike. Garland’s Induction app takes the mystery away and explains and demonstrates why this revolutionary technology is no longer the cook top method of the future – it’s perfect for modern day foodservice establishments looking to increase energy efficiency and precision. This interactive app also includes video, an energy calculator, all related documentation and a complete photo library of the various forms of Induction that are available today. Perfect for foodservice operators looking to take their operation, and their menu to the next level.

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Garland Modular Suites

Interactive Touch Doc

Instead of taking over an existing kitchen, many chef’s dream of the day that they can create their own – designed exclusively to work the way they believe a kitchen should work. Now you can design your own suite with Garland’s Modular Island Suite App. This interactive tool features a configuration tool that enables you to choose your own style of cook tops, refrigeration, storage and ovens – and place them in their optimum location. You can even output or share your plans – your dream kitchen – one step closer to reality! The app also contains a complete product section featuring the latest in cooking technology from Induction to Accelerated Cooking ovens. If a new kitchen is in your plans – this is a must have app.

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Kitchen Profiles

Interactive Touch Doc

Catch up on the latest foodservice trends driving consumer choices. See the latest in high-performance concept kitchen design. See the newest innovations in food and beverage equipment. If you're in the foodservice, beverage hospitality or restaurant business, this interactive touch-document will change the way you've looked at delivering high-quality food and beverages-fast!

The Kitchen Profiles app is the world's first TouchDocument a new approach to information architecture and design. Produced by Manitowoc Foodservice, one of the world's leading food, beverage and ice equipment manufacturers.

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Frymaster OCF30 + 1814

Interactive Touch Doc

Get the most out of your Frymaster! This app puts interactive demos, video training, FitFrying, and a library of documents specific to the OCF30 and1814 fryer at your fingertips.

Go through the interactive demo of the Smart4U control panel while you view it next to your fryer—follow the steps and this app will help you with setting up your fryer for various menu items. Plus, you can access all maintenance, service, warranty, specification, and parts manuals, so you'll never have to wonder where they are when you need them. In addition, the app’s complete video training series leads you through your fryer’s filtration process—an essential ingredient in extended oil life. Finally, access to the FitFrying resource provides you with information dedicated to preparing healthier fried foods.

If you run a restaurant that features fried foods on the menu, you know that frying oil is one of your most costly resources. Owners of frying equipment from Frymaster’s family of oil conserving fryers have achieved massive savings in oil consumption compared to traditional equipment. This has helped many operators make the switch to more expensive trans fat free oils without a major impact on their bottom line. Learn the tricks and techniques from the Manitowoc experts to get the most possible out of your equipment and your oil, without risking the taste that your customers crave.

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Lincoln Calculator

Comparison, Capacity and Resource Tool

Lincoln Impinger® ovens are the premier conveyor ovens in the foodservice industry. As a Best in Class award winner for the last 5 consecutive years, operators repeatedly choose Lincoln for rapid and consistent cooking, toasting, and baking.

This web app features a variety of tools designed to help operators select the right-sized Lincoln Impinger® Conveyor Oven for their unique operation:

Capacity Calculator

Find an oven according to production needs. The capacity calculator has been specifically designed to help foodservice operators understand the cooking capacity for a specific menu item.

Compare Ovens

Use the comparison tool to get a side-by-side view of differing options between each of our conveyor oven models.

Access to Information

Get access to the features and benefits of each model, view and download documentation, and watch equipment specific videos.